Mark Shankman

As Director of Operations, Mark oversees Epicenter’s day-to-day business functions including client on-boarding, hiring staff, managing relationships with each of our partnered insurance companies, and each of the functions and processes that contribute to Epicenter’s mission. Mark is a professional customer service and client relations specialist having spent 10 years of his career focused on developing and maintaining client relationships, most recently in coffee and tea distribution, where he was dedicated to ensuring each of his clients had everything they needed to provide their customers with an optimal customer experience.  He maintains his interest in the coffee and tea industry. At Epicenter, he is dedicated to ensuring that each Epicenter client, client family, and staff member benefits from optimal client and staff experience.  Mark is excited to champion our amazing team of clinicians and therapists supporting Epicenter’s mission of providing the highest quality of ABA therapy possible to your child.

Join Our Team

This job is hard work, but you get to change a child’s life and future. You teach children life long skills to be independent in their family unit and community. You can teach a nonverbal child to communicate with the world!  Every day matters to the kiddos you service!