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We are trained in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy.

ABA therapy is a comprehensive and evidence based approach that replaces difficult behaviors with skills that lead to an independent life.

This approach uses tools such as positive reinforcement and proactive strategies to teach children meaningful and socially significant behaviors.

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Early Intervention is Key

1 in 36 Children in the U.S. is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It’s more common than you think, and we can help!

Information Provided by CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network, Autism Speaks

The Epicenter ABA Therapy Approach

Through compassion, patience, and support , we focus on reducing challenging behaviors that block learning, finding socially appropriate replacement behaviors and enhancing skills in areas of deficit.

Dedicated Team

At Epicenter ABA, every child has a dedicated team all working in tandem to improve outcomes which includes a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Case Manager and Registered Behavior Technicians. All patients are also overseen by our Clinical Director.

Customized Treatment Model

The type of treatment every child receives, is specifically designed to cater to their individual needs. The number of hours we recommend for treatment are based on what is medically necessary for your child to be successful, limit the time in treatment, close the gap quickly between your child’s deficits and their neurological typical peers, as well as based on research findings regarding the intensity required to produce strong outcomes.

Unique Approach

Our approach to therapy features a natural environment with fun and educational components that prioritize family participation and integration.

You’ve Got Questions —

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a scientifically proven approach to addressing challenging behaviors by reducing problem behaviors and making socially significant changes in an individual’s life.
By using the principles of ABA, Epicenter clinicians can identify what motivates our clients and use these reinforcers to teach new skill sets.  Epicenter works to increase the social and communication skills of our clients in a natural and creative environment.  Epicenter also works to support our client families.  Family values and feedback is incorporated into our behavior plans to improve the overall quality of life.

ABA can be used for all children whether they have a diagnosis or not. ABA focuses on manipulating the environment to encourage learning. See the Epicenter model to better understand how ABA can be naturalistic in nature.

ABA is covered by most insurances.  Currently Epicenter accepts the following insurance companies: Aetna, Anthem BlueCross BlueShield, Caresource & Caresource Marketplace Plans, Cleveland Clinic Insurance Plans, Medical Mutual, United Health Care & UnitedHealthCare Community Plan. Other Options: Please call us at (216) 508-4050 to schedule an intake call and learn about Out of Pocket Payments, Autism Scholarship, Payer of Last Resort, or Jon Peterson Grant, or to get a Single Case Agreement with your insurance company.

The basic foundational skills we look at for your child to be ready to go to preschool or Kindergarten include, but are not limited to: responding to their name, gaining attention of others, single step directions (i.e., sit down with the class), multiple step directions when moving into kindergarten (i.e., put your backpack away and sit down for circle time), plays next to peers, takes turns with peers, glances at others play activities, initiates peers, responds to peers (This can be nonverbal responses), waits for attention (waiting time varies by age), stays in the learning area, accepts no.

Depending on how many hours you and your clinical team have decided is appropriate for your child,  your child will work in both Discrete Trial Training (DTT) and in Natural Environment Teaching (NET).  In DTT skills are broken down into small steps and run in a way that there is a clear start and end to each program.  NET skills are taught naturally and typically in a play based setting. You may not notice that a program is being run because it is very natural. 

At Epicenter we use the trial base format of DTT combined with the NET model so that your child gets the most natural experience possible similar to their own natural environment (i.e., across their own home, school, and community). It is important that there is a mix of both types of treatment in order for your child’s day to look similar to any natural environment in your child’s future. We want your child to move along their day as if they were in school or in their community. Whether we see your child for services in your home or in our clinic, the environment we create will be similar to your child’s school environment to give your child many opportunities to build school readiness skills needed for school and their daily life.

Our mission is to graduate your child into a classroom with their peers. As such, we work on school readiness skills that will allow your child to be successful in a school environment.

Epicenter is available to work with your child’s school whenever possible.  Currently Epicenter ABA delivers therapy in all settings (i.e., home, school, daycare, clinic, and community settings).

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