Learn New Skills and Gain Greater Independence with ABA Therapy Services

There’s No “One Size Fits All” Here!

Your child’s treatment begins with a unique, individualized plan customized to your child’s specific developmental and behavioral needs. Our direct ABA therapy services include ongoing supervision of your child’s progress by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) along with parent training and/or teacher training in your home and school.

Engage & Learn in the Natural Environment

Epicenter therapists work not only on building skills of deficit, but also expanding your child’s strengths and passions to facilitate the development of his or her unique goals and skills. We seek to help children blossom into independent individuals developing their own unique passions and strengths to lead successful lives.

Practice to Putting it Together

Throughout your child’s treatment, our therapists will work on generalization of skills. Generalization teaches your child to expand on the skills they have learned at home with their therapists and to demonstrate and use these same skills across multiple people, items, and environments. This includes their family members, friends, teachers, and community helpers. Environments can include your child’s school, pool, park, college, career location, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Inquire about Epicenter ABA for your child.

Epicenter works with a wide range of diagnosis and behavioral needs using evidence based research and methods. Diagnosis includes but is not limited to ADHD, ADD, Conduct Disorder, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

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