Alyssa Jansen, M.Ed | Regional Manager, BCBA, COBA

Alyssa is Epicenter’s Regional Manager on both the East and West side of Cleveland. She provides oversight to our practicum student fellowship program. She began providing 1:1 in home, ABA therapy 14+ years ago while in her undergraduate program at Cleveland State University.  Since then, she gained experience through working at a center based program and has worked in various schools providing consultation services to clients who have been mainstreamed, as well as home based settings. She has a passion for learning and has found her career rewarding in that she is constantly learning and educating others. She has a wide range of experience with early intervention services. 


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This job is hard work, but you get to change a child’s life and future. You teach children life long skills to be independent in their family unit and community. You can teach a nonverbal child to communicate with the world!  Every day matters to the kiddos you service!